Rental Bike and Guide

Rent and start with Chronò for discover Lucca and the Tuscany

At Chronò you can rent, city bikes, hybrid bikes or Pinarello road bikes and we offer a variety of  Tours and excursions in and around Lucca.


Here are just a few examples of what we offer :

The City and the Wall tour is about 4.2 Km and allows cyclist to take in the beauty and splendor of Lucca.

Or Hybrid are Perfect for small excursions to local wineries and olive presses

Our longer excursions are for the more adventurous and able cyclist which enables one to plunge right into in the beautiful landscape of Lucca and Tuscany

Rent Road bike

Pinarello Gan Disk with Shimano Ultrega Kit

GAN derives directly from the Dogma F8, but with several specific solutions make it a frame less extreme, while maintaining intact the style and feeling of Pinarello bikes.

GAN is a good entry level which maintains the peculiarities of DOGMA F8: asymmetry, even if less prominent, and new high-strength material, although less rigid and performing.

Image - Chrono-Rental-Bike-lucca

Rental Prices

One day : 50 €
7 days : 270 €

after the seventh day the additional price for each day is is 20 €

The price includes inner tube, pump

Rent Road e-bike

Pinarello Nytro Disk

The new NYTRO is the first e-road bike that guarantees maximum downhill driving pleasure and efficient and regular uphill assistance.

01 Nytro - Chrono-Rental-Bike-lucca

Rent Daily 70,00 €  –  Weekly 400,00

The price includes an inner tube, pump


809157 28 Zoll Crossrad Whistle Modoc Flat Bar Hd  - Chrono-Rental-Bike-lucca

Rent Daily 25,00 €  –  Weekly 150,00

The price includes inner tube, pump